My Experiments with Beer

Daksh Randeria
Nov 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Bell’s Oberon has a nice ring to it — I think it sounds like royalty — and never fails to remind me of good times I’ve had in Pittsburgh.

It was during my time there in graduate school that I discovered one of my favorite beers. And more so because I discovered it with the most adorable person in the world, my then girlfriend and now wife, Namrata.

It was actually at a pizza place close to campus that we used to frequent, Pizza Sola, which served an extraordinarily large slice of pizza, and some of the beers which were then unknown to me. To this day, I like walking into a bar, pointing to the funkiest looking tap they have on draft and saying “I’ll try that one”.

I think it’s amazing how that attitude takes one on a journey into the unknown — some that offer great stories to tell, and some that offer awful-tasting but still fun stories to tell.

Oberon is a nice bright orange colored beer, easily available at many bars and most grocery stores. But as I open a can and pour out the golden sunshine into a glass, it smells of summer days and makes me feel warm on this cold Halloween day in October.

In fact, I enjoy pouring most of it out slowly, leaving about half-an-inch, swirling it to make sure I capture all the sediments which settle towards the bottom, and emptying it out with flourish.

Oberon has clean, crisp taste which leaves you asking for more when the glass is empty. I usually don’t like my beers “too hoppy”, and this is just perfect and one of my go-to classics.

Even after five years, I remember pointing to the weird-looking sun on the tap handle on that early-fall evening in Pittsburgh, and saying “I’ll try that one”.

That’s how I began my experiments with beer…

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