The Girl with a Spring in her Step

Daksh Randeria
Apr 9 · 2 min read

I had seen her around in class I knew she was smart and thought she looked cute. She used to have this bright red coat and used to walk with a spring in her step. We had chatted a few times, and when we started working a project together, I started to get to know her — we discovered we used to like the same kind of music, we were both quiet, and could be very fussy about grammar. I also found she was very creative and took awesome photos. I knew I liked this girl!

One evening during Spring break 2013, my roommates and I had a bunch of people over at our house for a party and I was walking her and her drunk roommate home after that. Neither she nor I had had much to drink, but I asked if she was drunk or sleepy just to be sure. She was neither. Even though it was 4am, I just knew I didn’t want to wait any longer and asked her out. I also thought there was another classmate who may have liked her, and it was funny because she actually thought I was asking on his behalf — but I clarified pretty quickly. Anyway, she said yes, we went upstairs had some coffee and talked till well past sunrise.

The day was not over though, because we had decided to go out for coffee the same evening. I knew she liked dogs, so I picked a cafe called Cats and Dogs, and she came wearing her trademark red coat. When we arrived there, we just couldn’t find the place. We walked up and down the block a couple of times, and finally found a small note on a papered-up window saying the place had closed. We laughed so much (though I was beating myself up in my head for not checking before we got there). We walked some more, enjoying the cool spring evening, and found the Krazy Goat — actually, it was called Krazy Mocha, but their logo was a goat, and there was goat-related merch everywhere.

Anyway, that’s how Namrata and I started, having coffee together at 7am and then again at 7pm, and found a bunch of goats in the middle of our love story.

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