Our Rituals Are Gone
Glenn Beck

Nothing grossly wrong with your reminiscence, except it comes from your own particular background.

I’m from UK and in the hallowed days of the 60’s, where we were supposedly having such an explosion of social progress, there were stills pubs/hotels/etc with “no Blacks, No Irish”. Homosexuality was considered criminal, this did not stop people from being so, they were imprisoned, they drowned in hiding their true selves and many committed suicide. There were many people suffering on the fringes of your halcyon days.

I would not choose your comfort over the suffering that is beginning to be relieved for those who were once criminal and second class for simply existing. These fringes are beginning to find their place in mainstream culture. Their culture and identities only just being formed out in the open, and just being introduced to people like yourself. You don’t have to like it, but you can recognize with sympathy that these new cultures may resent you for being the the more powerful culture at a time when they were being oppressed and imprisoned.

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