Ambassador Octavia Obama in pic.

Native-American’s have a compassion for horse’s.

Pitcairn, Pennsylvania vs. Erie, Pennsylvania horses. DC vs. Balch Springs, Texas horses. Michael Jackson, requested Weird Al not parody “Black and White” because he said “the message was too important. DaLady calls Donald Trump, the Parody President. DaLady wanted a Cherokee only football team for the State of Mississippi.

You would rather attend a fund raiser of hers at The Wells Tribal Mosque than with Donald Trump. Great is ebb when it comes to her Music, Ministry, and Company.

Kings says, “What you do for a brother or Sister, you do for me, Lord.” Allah said the light of the Lord will shine on all black people.

You would be proud to have a lady like her care for and own Erie Horses. There is a way for a person to approach a horse. There is also a way to approach a person.

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