“Black’s finally get employment at Sunoco’s in Pitcairn.”
Pictured Madam President Octavia Obama and local African-American Sunoco’s employee.

Madam President Octavia Wells-Obama went to visit the city where she 1st lived in Pennsylvania. Many people there now greet her with hugs and so much love. She joined a worth fight to get African-Americans hired at the sunoco’s in this city. Unfortunately across the street from the Sunoco the Clan (KKK) still flies their expired confederate flag. That flag did not stop Sunoco’s from hiring an African American woman. It was Madam President’s peaceful fight.

There is much to gain with peaceful protest. In a city where the majority of the population is African-American one woman made a difference with prayer and a vow.

Madam President Octavia Wells-Obama has asked others to write to their Governor Tom Wolf also on her radio show, titled, Barack Obama’s pussy. She states to utilize him while he is still in office. Tom Wolf has helped her and the grassroots movement know as DaLady’s Movement. We have had a hard time teaching people that racism and sexism is a crime. A crime a person can and will be federally prosecuted for no matter what your business is.

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