Firework Vendor’s in North Versailles

Madam President Octavia Wells had a wonderful time speaking to firework vendors this year. The North Versailles vendors want her help on Firework POLICIES for 2018. Writing Policies is something Madam President is not to particularly fond of writing. She is greater at writing regulations.

The vendors had several policy areas they spoke of.

1) Respecting the land.

2) Having an indoor facility for 2018.

3) Money or currency trades for fireworks.

5) Paying contactors.

6) Guns on site.

Madam President stated to the vendors, it’s regulations they want. She regulated as long as they respect her religion and city they can continue to sell the fireworks. She regulated that it would be hard to let them have an indoor facility because its explosives. She backed it up using an analogy of propane tanks. Stating that wether the propane tank is empty or full a customer cannot take it into a store. The only thing a customer can take into the store is currency they will use to make a purchase. She stated $7 an hour is ok for a fireworks contractor as long as the person has health insurance.

The most alarming issue was when they said people can bring guns onto their site. She said that would be against regulations because a gun can ignite the fireworks and she went on the site without even a lighter and she is a smoker. Therefore no guns allowed.

She said if they wanted to they could put up a sign that says no guns on this site. She was being courteous not taking a lighter. These simple regulations will make the site safe and secure. She said these vendors were asking questions somebody with a haz mat license (hazardous materials) would ask. Getting this license would increase the contractors hourly pay. They could go from $7 an hour to a six figure salary a year.

At the end she stated it is possible to have an indoor facility next year as long as they got a haz mat license to go with their firework handling permit.

Written by: Madam President Octavia Wells-Obama

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