The once and future holiday season

It is soon to be the Jewish New Year. In Israel it is a very important time. It is a time when families come together and have a family gathering. It is a very happy time for most people. On the other hand it is a time when terror, and the terrorists behind it, rear their ugly head. Whilst most people are getting ready for the annual holiday feast the terrorists do their best to make a spectacular attack. For the last year Israel has had a huge rise in terror attacks by sole terrorists that used knives against ordinary citizens killing and injuring ordinary people. Then, after a year of bloodshed the terror had seemed to calm down a bit, to the point that the country started to feel safe again. And then the religious holiday season came around the corner and the terrorists start their attacks again. It is a yearly ritual — we, the Israelis —get our food and families ready for the grand gathering and they, the terrorists, get their weapons (in any possible form) ready so as to take away the happy holiday feeling. Nobody wins in this war of terror versus happiness. If the terrorists make a succesful attack, they think they have won. If the holiday passes without an attack during it, we think we have one. In reality it is simply a tied contest where both sides never win but each side feels they are going to beat the other in this terrible contest. As I said at the begining of this post, it is about to be the celebration of the Jewish New Year and I can definitely say that I hope the holidays pass without incident and hope that this year is a quieter one than the one that has just passed. To all the Jewish folk out there, hopefully reading this, chag sameach (happy holidays).