Moving Off and Moving On

By Dartalia Alati

The Offer

Kent State University has required students to live on campus for their first two years since the 1970s.

As incoming classes continue to grow, space is running low and the housing department must find a way to accommodate all of the students.

Band Aids for Bigger Problems

“We are cognizant that there are different places around campus that are dense”, said David Taylor, Associate Director of Resident Services.

Taylor said that offering sophomores the option to move off campus, if they meet certain requirements, is just a band aid.

Taylor said that building a new residence hall would mean that Resident Services would have to raise room rates or take out a large mortgage in order to pay for it. Building a new hall would be expensive and possibly unnecessary in the long run.

“It’s a scary proposition to build a new building because our numbers are high right now, in two years we may not be,” said Taylor.

The most cost efficient response is to allow sophomores to move off campus, if they meet certain requirements. Some of these requirements are:

  • Being 20 years old or older
  • Living within a 50 mile driving distance of Kent State University.
  • Reaching junior academic status

Life is Simpler on Campus

“How close [Olson] is to all of my classes, I wasn’t ready to give that up. It’s just too convenient,” said Shannon Kovach, a sophomore that decided to stay on campus.

Kovach said she chose to live on campus, specifically Olson Hall for her sophomore year because of the perks like free printing and being close to all of her classes.

“Off campus I definitely feel like you have a lot more freedom.” Shannon Kovach, a junior that lived off campus her sophomore year. Karam returned to campus this year to be a Resident Assistant in Olson Hall this year.

Karam said living on campus again is nice because she does not have to find parking as often.

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