Dear Prime Minster, Malcom Turnbull

I have a simple question to ask and that being why? Why am I being told that I am allowed to love but have boundaries? Why am I being treated different? And Why does who I love matter so much to you?

Did you know that Australia is one of the leading counties when it comes to education? Employment and homeless we where even ranked in the top 10 most liveable counties in the world. Why when it comes to same sex marriage is Australia one of the only English speaking countries to not have it legalised, 21 countries around the world have legalised same sex marriage. Did you also know that 69% of Australians are for same sex marriage them results higher than some of the countries which already have it legalised.

. Here is a map of the countries around the world have have legalised same sex marriage and a image of how many Australians believe same sex marriage should be legalised.

The Australian public is for it, the rest of the world is for it so why are you not for it? For a country that pride themselves on being free why being told I’m not aloud to express myself and free? I know there was talk about the parliament house voting on same sex marriage but why are you all voting on if I can marry a person I love? Marriage shouldn’t be a equal right it should be a human right and don’t feel as a human I am being treated equal to everyone els.

Below is a YouTube video of what some of the Australian public think of same sex marriage.

Why must we keep this fight on? Do you know the meaning of marriage? ‘The legally or formally recognised Union of two people as a partner in a personal relationship’ Marriage is not longer defined as a man and woman, it is defined as people and the LGBT community are people. Why are we not being treated as people?

Some things in life you do not get a choice with, and being gay is one of them we should not be treated any different because we are born who we are. We need same sex marriage in Australia the public need to know it’s ok be you because a lot of LGBT community are struggling because they are told they don’t fit in and in fact the LGBT community have a higher suicide rate and the. Australian LGBT community have up to 14x higher rates of suicide attempts than a heterosexual person. Rates are 6x higher for younger LGBT peers. (20–42% cf. 7–13%) yes I know legalising same sex marriage won’t stop this completely but it will let us know that we do fit in and we are moving forward to being treated equal. You have the power to lower these numbers and potentially save the life’s of younger people. Why must these people be made to feel different to you? There are hundreds of thousands. of LGBT people living in Australia this is not something that will go away, there are more than enough of us for you to be be bringing same sex marriage to the table, it will be a matter of time before its legalised so why not save us all the fight and legalise it already?

Below are some suicide prevention hotlines websites for anyone who is struggling or needs someone to talk to. It’s ok to ask for help.

The Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s biggest parades, bringing crowds up to the hundreds of thousands from all over Australia and the world. While its purpose is to be able to celebrate who we are the focus of the event has now turned into trying to get same sex marriage legalised as you see from the event how much support the public have for the LGBT community why is the issue not even being talked about amongst the parliament. You have attended the event yourself shaking hands and greeting people showing your “support” for the community is this just a way for you to get more voters or do you generally support the LGBT community? And if so why have you still not done anything about legalising same sex marriage?

We have commercials, websites, Padres and rally’s. we are getting so much support from all over the country. The LGBT community even is getting support from big and local business who are promoting support for same sex marriage but yet you refuse to legalise same sex marriage so the support we really need is from you, all we want is to no longer be treated as second class citizens and be treated the same as every other Australian, we are such a advanced country when it comes to everything els why are we still having to fight for a human right?. This is the 21st century we need to stop living in the past and move forward it’s clear, Australia has spoken and we want same sex marriage legalised . Mister prime minster so my question to you is why? #loveislove

Below is a ad that is being shown on televisions around Australia asking for same sex marriage in Australia.

To make donations, support or find out more information about LGBT community in making same sex marriage legalised in Australia click on the link below.

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