I Must Know All the Things
Jason Gurley

Just read the Bible again. Your story is so familiar, although I grew in a Southern Baptist family, but I just couldn’t get the answers I was looking for. After a nearly forty year absence from church or Bible or prayer, one Christmas I found myself stranded at my parent’s house because weather had closed the airport. A planned two-day visit turned into six days. And each morning I endured the after-breakfast ritual of reading a few chapters of the Bible. They happened to be in Jeremiah on their umpteenth trip through the whole of scripture. But I had long since stopped asking questions of this book. Instead, this book began asking questions of me. A very strange experience indeed. I have since read through the entire Bible seven times and only ever find answers to questions I am not yet asking. But they are amazing answers. I am also incurably curious, but I find that I get far more information from the Bible when I’m not trying to answer a question that I have formulated. Just read the Bible again. Let Him speak.