God Knows I’m Good
Tobias Mayer

What a beautiful and poignant description of what it is like to live in a fallen world. A post-Genesis 3, broken place. This is why Jesus died. To purchase our redemption from this prison of our own making. To provide His own righteousness to cover our shame. God knows I’m not good. On my “best days” I can look inside and find the real motive behind what I’m doing and saying. As David prayed, “My sin is always before me”.

There is a very surprising thread running through the Book of Job. It is that God was always prepared to declare Job righteous, even though it wasn’t true, but God would only make that declaration once Job stopped making it himself. The legal transaction for God declaring Job righteous wouldn’t actually take place until the crucifixion of our Lord, but that would ultimately prove to be Job’s only hope. None of his own arguments about fairness and justice and devotion and service could ever exonerate him. All that could do is condemn. We all desperately need this substitutionary righteousness which is only provided to us by faith in Jesus Christ.

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