Blogging for small business (presentation and video) Costa Women IWD 2017

March 10th I attended the Costa Women International Women’s Day conference in Marbella and delivered a short presentation about blogging for small business. This article is a resource for the Costa Women who attended and anyone else who would find it useful.

Blogging for small business

Grab a pen and paper and make notes of the useful tools as we go through our blogging for small business presentation.

I have been blogging for what seems like a lifetime, my current blog has over 600 articles, and over time I have learned a lot about blogging and will continue to do so for some time to come. These are some of the key points

  • Be clear about your why
  • Use a well-known technology platform like WordPress — it’s free, and I refer to it as your framework
  • There is a free version to help you get started (FREE)
  • Then you can buy a domain name and host your own site. I use Siteground (affiliate link)
  • Get a great theme. This is what I refer to as the clothing for your website. I use Thrive Themes which has an annual subscription fee, but there are many free ones
  • Thrive have lots of fab plugins, such as a quiz builder, content builder and leads. This means that things will work together and be more secure
  • Have a plan. I write my blogs around things that I want to sell (books, courses, and consultancy). In other words, I have a call to action
  • Always be thinking what next and be planning for that while you are doing your now stuff
  • Create a set of categories that are your repeatable themes
  • Be open to ideas and always be aware of what is going on that could make a great blog
  • Brainstorm and then write up your list and plan
  • Stay focused on your ideal reader
  • Have a swipe file — using a notebook and Evernote
  • Coschedule headline analyser is great for helping you with good headlines (free)
  • Think about search engine optimisation (SEO) — how does your ideal reader find you? Yeost SEO plugin is good for this
  • Webtexttool (also for SEO) which is not free is brilliant and sits inside your blog as you write it
  • Think about your subject and what you can do to enhance your reputation as an expert on these topics
  • Share your videos, other people’s videos, add in quotes and image quotes, use infographics, make your content shareable and add in fun things like quizzes
  • Use fabulous images free sites include Pixabay and Unsplash and paid for DepositPhotos. Be sure to SEO these images and credit the artist
  • is a wonderful place that has a free and paid for version that will enable you to make great graphics
  • Use a tool like Coshedule Calendar to take the pain out of scheduling and sharing your content
  • Always think — repurpose. Write once and use many times

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