Five Reasons to Use Wordpress

Flynn Grano
Jan 22, 2018 · 2 min read

When it comes to choosing a platform from which to launch a new website, Wordpress is undeniably the most popular content management system around. This platform is widely used for everything from blogging to creating custom online shops and business websites, and with good reason. Read on to find out why so many business owners and individuals alike are choosing to use Wordpress to host their sites.

Ease of Use

Wordpress is one of the most user-friendly website platforms out there. They offer simple installation options and an incredible array of different customizable themes and plug-ins to ensure that users will be able to find the right one to meet their unique needs. Plus, when it comes to wordpress development, there are plenty of industry professionals out there offering their services at reasonable rates.

A Cloud-Based Solution

Many CMS’s require users to make changes to their pages offline then manually upload them via their site’s FTP. Wordpress, on the other hand, is cloud-based and can be accessed via the browser, which means that users can sign in to their admin accounts and edit their sites from anywhere that has a connection to the internet. The platform even allows users to email new content to their sites for use as blog posts or new pages.

SEO Friendly

It’s an undeniable fact that search engines love Wordpress sites. As a result, developers and SEO experts also love Wordpress. There are even plug-ins available that allow users to view SEO ratings and get tips for improvement.

It Looks Good

No matter what browser visitors to a Wordpress site are using, the content will look good because this platform is unarguably the most universally compatible option for web hosting around. Plus, its design templates can be set to automatically resize to fit different devices, which is becoming more important every day as more users continue to log on from their phones instead of personal computers.

It’s Free

Wordpress is an open-source, community maintained platform, which means anyone can run a site with Wordpress for free. Interested in learning more before setting up a site? Check out Green T Digital for more information about digital marketing solutions today.