Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

1. If you run a small business, don’t blame employees leaving you on the government.
2. What’s wrong with putting up drywall for a living? It’s a living if it pays a living wage. And you’ve got Republicans to blame for bringing down wages with fear tactics. Blocking minimum wage hikes which lift all boats, giving bailouts to billionaires. 
3. Being old and cranky is okay. Don’t blame the government for that either.
4. What did gov’t ever do for me? It built the roads you travel on, tested the medicine you take, and is supposed to regulate the banks that fleece you.
5. The world is not as dangerous as the TV tells you it is. Learn perspective.
6. Making life decisions with your gut is a bad idea if you’re dealing with a salesman.
7. And getting excited about racism isn’t cool. It’s easy to start fires, not so easy to put them out.

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