I’m still addicted to coffee.

I’m still convinced we could be doing more than we allow ourselves to believe.

We push forward, breathing through the pain of every inspired moment.

They bring us where we know we need to go.

My biology has mastered this process.

My personality innovates, and risks doing it differently.

But I stray at my own peril. I know it.

Facing your own potential is difficult.

We don’t want to see our capacities.

They’re too much if we live them all out at once, so we block them out.

Just believe, boy.

Just breathe.

I love you.

You know who you are.

And I know the story I tell myself about all of this in relation to conventional love is utterly silly.

Time and space does not separate us the way we pretend to believe.

You think I don’t think that really?

Ask me where I’ve been and why.

There’s more to this than you could imagine, and I’ll help you see it by the grace of god.

I’m still here, and we just do.

We transcend. We transform. We love. We speak with unbreakable character. This is what I can pass on to you from my refusal to be preyed upon.

Let’s see what we can make of this.

Our tools are infinite.

We affect outcomes at a distance and laugh at those who they know how to think empirically. Bring it on.

Come at me, fakes.

I’ll show you what living means if you’re alive enough to feel what I manifest.

You ever feel like an archetypal force bigger than what you think you want anyways?

Try it. It’ll happen to you even if you don’t.

You think you’ve chosen your path? You have no idea.

Consider my refusal to be defined now.

Time is my ally. He keeps me alive, and I will create endlessly.

I’m the power that creates worlds, and this one didn’t know it could be so good.


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