Dear DNC: Stop Appealing to the BernieBots;They Don’t Want You
S. Novi

I meet the author’s definition of a true “Progressive.” I was a Sanders supporter but voted for HRC after the primaries were decided. But, I did not offer further financial support or volunteer for the DNC after the so-called “international fake news” disclosed Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s and the DNC’s immoral efforts to sway the primary in HRC’s favor. The article sidesteps this issue — yet it is central to the divide within the party IMO. Sure there are Socialists who probably don’t care that much about the party to begin with, but there are more Democratic loyalists who feel betrayed and dismayed by the blatant dishonesty of the DNC in the primaries — and this sort of article rubs salt in our wounds.

If the DNC didn’t want Sanders to run as a Dem, they should have let everyone know that the party was endorsing HRC openly and honestly and told him he didn’t meet the Party’s standards. Maybe politics doesn’t work that way, but the author seems to want to have her cake and eat it too. He ran as a Dem with the DNC’s blessing, but then didn’t fully support the party to the author’s liking once it became crystal clear the party didn’t offer anything approaching a level playing field. I think any reasonable person would find this omission from the author’s diatribe very telling.

To castigate Sanders for not giving the DNC monies raised from people like me who thought the DNC was playing a fair game while in fact they were rigging the primary is ridiculous! That DWS stepped down as DNC chair shows she was guilty, and should be the recipient S. Novi’s misplaced anger — as well as the anger of other “mainstream” dems who are horrid representatives for the party on social media. Whatever the source the DNC was caught with their hand in the cookie jar. DWS has done enough harm to our party, and our nation, no matter what her intentions were. She needs to find a new line of work. (P.S., I was a DWS supporter in the past, and lived in her district. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.)

Instead of beating up those of us who want the party to move a bit to the left of center, and who should have a voice in helping realize this (as the author states), this article smacks Sanders and his supporters around wholesale— offering further disincentive to trust the DNC. Oh, I’m not who you’re referring to when you used perjoratives like ‘bot’ and ‘crats’? Well, sorry, but Sanders had and has a big following — so when you use those perjoratives you are not helping the DNC mend fences — but then again that doesn’t seem to be what you want to accomplish. Not all Sanders supporters are “my way or the highway” as the author states, but she lumps us all together in a hateful way that calls into question the culture of the Democratic Party if the leadership of the DNC doesn’t take a strong stand against such hateful rhetoric.

The DNC needs to thank DWS for her service and ask her to leave. Go. Vamous! The party needs to take full responsibility for their shenanigans, show true remorse and make amends openly and honestly. Imagine how refreshing honesty would be right now. I want to trust again — but once lost it’s hard to regain — especially when you don’t seem to care if it’s regained or not.

Articles like this and the hateful posts by HRC supporters on social media are off-putting to say the least. This isn’t how you heal a broken party — and if you don’t think the Democratic Party is broken you’re not paying attention. When you point a finger, four are pointing back to you — trite but true. Until the DNC owns its faults, there are many of us who will vote begrudgingly for the party’s candidates as the lesser of two evils — but our days Democratic party activism, donations and passion are over (there are probably more of us out there than there are Regressive Democrats — a better term than ‘bots’ or ‘crats’ IMO).

Reach out. Agree there were mistakes made. Correct them. Let the millions of us who have phone banked, door-knocked and remained loyal through thick and thin back in to help convince those farther to the left that they have a fair, safe home to return to at the DNC.

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