Al Franken: The Obvious Setup and Liberals Took the Bait
S. Novi

The keystone of Franken’s defense is the photo showing him mugging to the camera as he pretends to grasp breast through a flak jacket which is able to absorb debris from artillary and grenades.

Try fondling someone through a “ flak vest….a form of body armor designed to provide protection from case fragments (“frag”) from high explosive weaponry, such as anti-aircraft artillery.”

The first flak jackets “ consisted of manganese steel plates sewn into a waistcoat.” Today, they are made of ballistic nylon and fiberglass plates (tougher than steel).

To say that he groped her breasts is to pretend that the human hand can penetrate a form of boy armour that fragements of aircraft artillary and grenades cannot. The picture show that the alleged assault “groping her breasts” is impossible and that Franken is focused not on sexual pleasure or control but on making a joke by mugging for the camera in front of dozens of people. He apologized not because he is guilty of groping her breasts which the picture proves he did not (and could not have) but because he is smart.

I would welcome an investigation in which the definition of “groping her breasts) was enacted in front of the jury or panel through a flak vest… would be another “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” moment only this time, the words would be: if you can’t grope through the vest, the verdict is nope.

The joke he tried to make was the absurdity of trying to fondle a breast through a device designed to withstand artillary fragments. Franken plays the lech, shown to be a total fool by the futility of seeking sexual contact through body armour.

The picture is the best proof that the claim he “groped my breasts” is a lie. And since the accuser claims she was sleeping, is it possible that someone would grope her breasts and she would not awaken. The picture shows she is lying but everyone is ignoring the obvious truth.