Did America Just Save Itself From the Bad Guys?
umair haque

We are so accustomed to the normality of rigged elections that we don’t even notice them any more. This elections WAS a huge landslide against Trump:

The Democrats crushed Republicans in the House and (barely noticed) crushed them in the Senate races, getting 44 million to only 36 million for the Republicans. That is a landslide in democratic terms, but of course, we are not a democracy and votes are not equal and are weighted not by their total (as in consent of the governed, or majority rule, the requirement for legitmacy in a democratic Republic) but by where they come from, and the small rural and conservative states are vastly overrepresent, allowing a huge loss of over 20% to be tallied as a victory.

The public vote tells us that Trump and his stooges have been rejected by the vast majority of the public, but our electoral system, devised by slave owners to ensure that they, a distinct minority, ruled the new nation, enables the losers, as if by magic and voodoo math to become the winners.

For example, Montana and Wyoming, with 3% the population of California, have twice as many Senators and votes. The justification for this goes back nearly 240 years ago regarding how the slave owners of the South could get the North to go along with their overthrow of the principles (equality and consent of the governed) of our founding document, the Declaration of Independence. And so we have a President who lost the public vote, a Senate which lost the public vote, and in 2008 a House which lost the public vote (based on all votes having equal weight), all Republicans, the minority party, gaining control, despite being rejected by the public and thus governing without consent and thus, according to the Declaration, illegitimate and unjust and leading to “military despotism,” as Jefferson wrote.

By not recognizing the outrage of a huge landslide leading to the victory of the losers, we are complicit in the blindness which keeps our government an oligarchy instead of our birthright to a democratic Republic. As much as I love this author, he makes a mistake by not highlighting the way that this election was rigged and made of the huge losers huge winners. Until we recognize and react to that outrage and complete the American Revolution, we will be ruled by those who are rejected by the governed, a very sufficient definition of fraud and tyranny of the few.