Smart phones are the PC’s of the 21st century

In the late ’90s and early 2ks there was a PC war. It was based on how fast and how much memory a PC could hold. The gaming industry was driving this “arms race”, they were pushing the limits of what a PC could do. Eventually, the processors and memory (as well as video cards) surpassed the the demand. The computers actually over achieved and the games were lagging behind. Since then the PC evolution has honestly been slow. There isn’t a need to continue to innovate and build PC’s that are 10X faster than the last PC. It is basically stagnation of the desktop hardware.

Why is this important? What is the relevance? Well, smart phones are about to hit the same wall. The smart phone hardware is going to exceed the PC (or Mac) and eventually replace your desktop. I know that this was tried a few years ago and it failed miserably, however, the hardware and technology is moving at such a fast pace the next iteration will be faster than your current desktop and it will fit in your pocket.

In 5 years you will have one device, a smart phone that is equipped to replace all other technology in your office. You will just “dock” it at work and then “dock” it at home and it will personalize or customize your life.

There are patterns in technology, they repeat and get better. Technology evolve and so will life.

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