Life as a woman in Nepal
Archana Shah

Excellent article and it’s very telling that you already know what you’ll accept in your own life in terms of a relationship.

Every person is flawed. A lot of men are deeply flawed when it comes to keeping women down. It’s not a cultural thing either, sadly, it happens around the world on a continual basis. You’ve probably witnessed more than anyone should witness when it comes to domestic violence and how a man should treat a woman.

Sometimes the best and worst lessons (usually they’re both at the same time) come from watching others go through personal struggles.

The courage to accept what’s happened and forgive is strong, it’s something a lot of people can’t do. Having the courage and determination that you’ll never let it happen to you is even more powerful though. Learning from others mistakes means nothing though unless you truly realize who you are and what you deserve. Women aren’t weak for being in a relationship that’s abusive, they were just never shown what they truly deserve from a man. That’s not a flaw or weakness from women, that belongs to the men who abuse them.