Dear Dale, you just lost a tribe member
Ben Keene

A response from Dale

Hi Ben, I saw your blog post and thought I’d offer a response.

I’ll start with your ending — your exhortation to us to ‘keep building’ — it’s at the heart of the issue.

If Cameron gets re-elected we won’t be able to. He says he’ll end onshore wind and based on his first term record, we reckon he’ll do the same for all renewables — in England. Game over for the building.

So should we ‘stay out of politics’ as you say and just let this happen? It’s an existential threat to everything we believe in, it’s not just green energy, but the gung ho approach to Fracking — both of these moves will make hitting our carbon reduction targets most unlikely. I actually think the Tories are on the whole climate sceptics and aren’t interested in those targets which the Lib Dems kind of lumbered them with.

So politics is entering our world. It is shaping our world, as it does.

While there was a consensus on these issues, across all parties, there was no need to get involved. Cameron has broken that consensus.
That given, what should we do? Only one party can prevent a second term Cameron government. They may not be perfect — they most definitely are not guilty of some of those crazy claims you cut and pasted from the internet.

But they are serious about renewable energy and action on climate change. They are not as anti-Fracking as we would like but did succeed in imposing 13 new conditions on it two weeks ago — a moratorium would have been better.

And they have better stance on a number of wider issues. Reform of the energy sector and better control of the banks being two.

I don’t know if there are bedroom taxes or food banks in the parts of the world you operate in — but these things affect many many people in Britain today. Our country has become more unequal and unjust.

This is also my Tribe Ben. And I’m willing to stick my head above the parapet and try and do something about it.


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