Happy Birthday, Kurt.

— Present Continuous Version.

Counting the twins, I’m #7. He’s #8.

Why did 6 8 7? Cuz 7 8 9.

I’ve share so many laughs, so many songs and so many stories with my little brother. When it comes to the things truly I aspired to attain, he seemed to naturally flow. I missed the early tells, we were better guides to each other, but for mutual adoration intermingled with idiosyncrasies of life getting in the way.

Family matters

Heading off to church and will continue this expository look into the life of the man, the myth, the brother. KAR

I made it back from church and it appears Kurt enjoyed his day too.


With hits like:
1. Light a sankey, sing a candle and find your home back way
2. Oh come all ye faithful
3. This is my country, this is my homeland

And songs that will register in our hearts forever
4. I’ll look for you up in heaven (sung for our loved ones)

It was destined to be a long journey together!

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