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Dale Vivian Ross
Oct 29, 2016 · 3 min read

I’m not even sure what I was thinking when I wrote most of this but it is what it is. Some facts, some delusion…

1984 — Born
1995 — Started High School
1995 — Thought “she” was the one after hearing her introduction
1999 — Baptized
2000 — Graduated High School
2002 — Graduated High School (so nice I did it twice)
2003 — Best Performance in Level I Math, Computer Science and Physics :o
2004 — Learnt Pi to 101 decimal places (damn mistake, now it won’t leave me alone) :D
2005 — Graduated (4.3 GPA), ask me where them notes at. Just loved the stuff, didn’t need to study. But for those foundation courses, straight As boi!
2005 — 2013 MCS, learnt a lot, made good friends.
2011 — Got married — Best decision ever.
2013 — Wait, I can change the world!!!!
2013 — Read Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill.
2013 — Moved to Kansas City
2013 — Exit, New Job, Change
2014— Lights are going dim
2014 — Team Cut, first time without a job since 2005
2014 — Who turned out the lights
2014 — Given a label and pills to find some hope again.
2015 — 2016 boing boing boing (Mania <-> Depression Job hopping)
2016 — Ok, I didn’t need any pills before 2014 so why the hell…mi done yah! Depression or nah, I’ll do this on my own (read with Jenneil’s help and not telling her how worthless I truly felt)
2016 — Had lunch with KV and ST and heard KVs testimony.
2016 — I’m feeling awesome again, hey KV, about that healing thing.
2016 — Fasted three days with KV, claimed my breakthrough!
2016 — Finally released 1995 “she” as “possibly” not the one.
2016 — Connected with the Orlando community, started making connections that will last a lifetime.
2016 — Leaving my wife after 5+ years
2016 — Found a medicinal plant that resolved all the complexities
2016 — Met Arun George
2016 — Left job due to weirdness (ST) arising from separation.
2016 — Grew foundation team for Ross Squared, LLC
2016 — Determined my identity (I AM, PI) Eternal, Unending, Timeless
2016 — Made music with 2Peace ( Silliness before GREATNESS, got to fix this GREAT MESS
2016 — AirBnB Jamie
2016 — Became actualized, I think. I choose to not care too much whether ups or downs. I vibe with numbers, I utter amazing sounds. I speak, I write, I exude light I AM who I think I AM, as are YOU!
2016 — Started working out with TheRiseNYC.
2017 — 2 Zorans told me I should be myself when I suggested becoming another Zoran.
2017 — Reclaimed my identity ( I am Dale Vivian Ross, I like pi, but that I am not)
2017 — Got to round II with San Fran company (not remote, not sure I WANT to move, but hey…It’s a nice company.) #Karma I paid my dues.
2017 — Didn’t hear back after being told by San Fran recruiter to look out for tech screening, meh. Que sera, sera
2017 — Finalist in NYC chapter of favorite accelerator
2017 — Finalist in Remote travel for 1 year thing.
2017 — Met Ed, saw an amazing app, joined forces
2017 — Met Rami, amazing human being, destined for greatness (joined forces)
2017 — Met Royce, made it to one party, more code. (joined forces)
2017 — Another successful screen with a big name, time to get ready, it could happen.
2017 — Met Marc, great dude.
2017 — Opportunities start opening up in Orlando.
2017 — Decided to keep some stuff to myself.
2017 — Life is looking up, spoke to the CEO of @Reprezen_Api and that was cool. I will be using that tool whenever and wherever I can.
20170517 — Wow, this is pretty cool. I’ve said it, and nothing happened. I’m doing well, and that feels great. This was the last post to this TDLR entry as the rate of change is too frequent for this to be a short read.
20170806 08:24:24.000~ — Happy Independence Day, Jamaica.
20170806 08:24:53.000~ I love you all.

Dale Vivian Ross

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Coder | Problem Solver | Dreamer | Servant | Follower of Christ

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