Pre-Shrunk: A Big show of Small works

4x5 paintings cover the walls of Argyle Fine Art

By: Katie Lesser

The size of the works are all 4 x 5 inches — every single one of them. (Photo by Sage Beatson)

This year, Argyle Fine Art will present over 300 works of miniature art by over 60 different artists in their Annual Pre-Shrunk Show. Branding itself as “A Big show of Small works,” Argyle Fine Art opened its doors on Jan. 22 to the public to showcase the work of many talented local artists.

The show encourages emerging artists, as well as professionally established artists, to participate. All mediums, themes, and styles are accepted within the guidelines as long as they all have one thing in common: the size. The size of the works are all 4 x 5 inches — every single one of them. The show will run until Feb. 13 at the 1559 Barrington Street Gallery. Each work is for sale — and the $175 price tag includes the 50 per cent commission fee for the gallery.

Erin Hollingshead is one of the featured artists participating in this year’s Pre-Shrunk show. Erin is a fourth year student at NSCAD University whose focus is in painting. Her work is a reflection of Nova Scotian nature. Hollingshead took her inspiration from the barnacles and shells she had found on the shores of several Nova Scotia beaches. She enjoyed the variety of shells that she had found, giving room for lots of creativity within her work. Hollingshead’s style of graphic, outlines, and bold colors allow her work to stand out and have a voice.

“It’s important for artists to involve themselves because it gives an opportunity to meet other artists, and also to create something,” says Hollinghsed when asked why she participated in Pre-Shrunk. “It is also an opportunity to let the community see your work!”

As all works are of many styles, genres, and themes, it is easy for anyone to find a favourite. With over 300 works, there is bound to be one for everyone. It is an amazing show that Argyle Fine Art puts on and it brings together the artist community as well as the general public to oooh and awe at the amazing talent Halifax has.

Argyle Fine Art is very in touch with social media, they have a blog, a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account where you can follow daily updates of artworks, shows and events. Each day leading up to the Pre-Shrunk show there would be a featured artist and the work they had submitted into the show. The show doesn’t just have paintings, as there are also sculptural works, felted works, and mixed media works.

This annual show is one you do not want to miss. Argyle Fine Art knows how to bring together the artist community and the general public into one tiny but big show! Over 60 local artists are participating this year, and many are students, which allows the opportunity for them to put this show on their CV. Being in a curated and highly recognisable show puts these artists on the map. Pre-Shrunk is a Big show of Small works, and it is a great way to get to know your local Halifax art community.

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