I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton


After reading this…I just fell in love with you.

I’m 53 and have been a musician all my life. Song writer at heart. My heart has been crushed too much. I have recorded, have a home studio also. But, the songs don’t come like they use to. But, when they do…I jump around the room like a 6 year old and scream out to God, “THANK YOU!”

That feeling is euphoric! It’s the best drug. It’s life changing.

You will always be an artist. DO NO let anyone take that away from you.

Most of those “in the business” have no idea what an artist is anymore. My belief is that the music industry’s biggest downfall was when they decided to put glamour over substance. They decided to put personality over true talent. If you are attractive in the music industry and can sing like Mariah Carey they will put you on every show they can put you on. You will make an album with maybe on or two good songs on it and the rest is pretty much filler.

But, does that make you an artist? Does that make you talented? No, that just makes you this thing that some people call a “star”. It means nothing.

You know what you are. Doubts will come. There will be long nights and lots of tears. But, when you look at yourself in the mirror…you know the talent that God has put in your soul. It’s a gift. You were born with it. It will never leave you.

I know that we as musicians want to share whats inside us. It’s what we do. We don’t sing and play just to hear ourselves do it. We want to touch people and we want those people to know that we are like them and they are like us. That’s the magic of music. It’s the voice of the soul. It’s how we relate.

But, just because there are lean times and people think you are some kind of “used-to-be” really means nothing when it comes to you and what you know deep down inside you are. You will never be a “used-to-be”. That’s just another chapter in your life’s book.

I hope your new album, which I will be looking for, is a tremendous new chapter in your book. Whatever happens with it, you will always be a success. And I will remember your heart.


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