Extinction of Green Turtles

The massive turtle brushed the sand over her eggs at a steady pace while the group watched carefully. She continued for ten minutes before slowly turning around and heading towards the dark ocean. Her natural instincts were amazing. I kept thinking to myself: how could a turtle possibly know that she needs to bury her eggs? Nature is amazing, and it’s something I will never be able to fully understand.

I was offered this amazing opportunity one sunny morning while eating my Frosted Flakes at breakfast. As soon as I heard the word ‘turtles’ I opened my ears and listened to my councilor. I could feel the smile beginning to form on my face without effort. I immediately signed up and became extremely excited.

As we got off of the bus, I almost fell because I was staring at the stunning stars. I looked at the scenery around me and felt alive. I could hear crickets in the background, see the dark green flora on both sides of the road, and feel the cool salty air of the beach. We walked towards the side of the road while listening to the instructions of our tour guide. He told us to be quiet and watch where we step, as we do not want to scare away or hurt any local animals.

We walked carefully to the edge of the beach where we searched quietly for the large turtles. We immediately found a large turtle that was covering her new eggs. It was an amazing experience watching this amazing creature. I felt so lucky.

After we walked through the museum, we hopped into the white van that brought us back to home. Since it was past midnight, the van was dead silent; all you could hear was people’s breaths. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about how fantastic my experience was.