Day 3/100

On Things I Saw and Salvador Dali

Things I saw today:

  1. A sunrise painted in oils behind the silhouette of my neighbors’ house.
  2. A single house highlighted by the mantle of yellow flowers that fell from a tree in the front yard.
  3. A hazmat suit at a garage sale.

I think a lot about Salvador Dali. I never cared too much for his art when I was younger. I suppose I just wanted to see pretty things back then, not anything I would have to think about. Even so, I've always felt a bond with him. The first time I remember hearing of him was in my 4th grade art class. He immediately attracted me. It was his name that did it. I heard his name and took it as a sign that I should be an artist.

“Hey, I’m from El SALVADOR,” I thought to myself, “and my name is DALI!”

Dali is the nickname I have always had in my family, extended and immediate. It is short for Dalila, a version of Delilah. Dalila also means “gentle” in Swahili.

It was not until a few years ago, when I visited the Dali museum in St. Pete, that I gained an actual appreciation for Dali’s art. Learning more about the artist and about each painting made it all much more fascinating. I suppose that, without background or context, I just couldn't relate to his work. I do see the wonder of it now, though.

His relationship with Gala is of particular interest to me. She was his muse and appears in a lot of his paintings. I think about this fact more than anything else that involves Salvador Dali. They had a very interesting love story.

He married his muse, though. I want that.