Why successful company should be organized like an terrorist group

In more and more dynamic and fast world like is ours now, organization of the terrorist group like Al-Qaeda showed up as pretty successful, despite evil goals and methods.

Most of current companies are organized like an army, with hierarchy, with bosses whom call themselves: “Manger(s) of division”, with old school HR motivation: hard work — a little bit more money, performance feedback, more or less cheap party for some occasion. I have been “solider” in few of those and I know how my colleges felled: basic motivation was security, thinking in the box, working as much as is necessary and not longer from that. Generally they feel disconnected with their work, that is just things which brings money for a family.

So basically modern company for a worker should be like an mosque for a terrorist. Organization should have an charismatic leader, Preacher who embodies values, believers with strong faith in vision and goals (Apple is maybe an good example). It should be organized like Al-Qaeda: “centralization of decision and decentralization of execution.”.

Employe should have as much as possible autonomy. With his working time and his work, should be respected by his mates when they gather around a bonfire. His work should have a meaning for him, it should not be just a duty. Company should not have strict hierarchy or rules, it should create fast smaller organization’s based on work, it should be an Holacracy.

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