This is just a quick write up of trying to upgrade the Insta360 Pro 2 which has been stuck on version 000 of the firmware for the camera, and has not been able to upgrade directly to version 1.1.8 (which was the latest version of the firmware at the time of writing).


Steps followed to upgrade to 1.1.8 from a lower version on your camera

  1. Unzip and copy the Insta360_Pro2_Update.bin to the SD that is found in the battery compartment of the camera.

How to take 360s on your phone without a 360 camera, or not

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

I’ve yet to write anything on the 360 camera I bought around a month ago, but I was curious as to the state of apps that attempt to do the same job just using the camera on the back of your phone.

In case you didn’t already know, 360 media would refer to any content that allows you to look around a photo or video in a spherical manner. More importantly it can also be seen as a cheap and easy way to get into the VR space.

Facebook App

Facebook decided to added 360 photo/video support last year, which makes it…

Thoughts on Flexiroam X

Photo by Nathan Nelson on Unsplash

Update: As it’s Black Friday, Flexiroam are doubling the data you would normally pay for a starter pack or data recharge. So instead of it being 0.33ZAR per meg, you would litterally be paying 0.17ZAR per meg. Be sure to select the 5GB package and use the promo code XFLASHX, the other ones are not as cost effective — refer to Odd Cost of Starter Packs which is under Words of Caution. Visit not to miss out on it.

It’s been a while since my last post, and usually when I do post anything I prefer it to be…

Musings on how to connect to an MFi Bluetooth Serial device with iOS, and an LCR method to boot.


So 3 months ago I was tasked with getting a payment terminal to work with my previous company’s point of sales app, and finally got it finished recently. We had not been given any sort of indication on how to connect to the device, or even what type of Bluetooth the device used (be it plain BT or BLE). Plus serial programming as a whole was new to me.

The only thing we were given by CardBiz (the company that provided us the payment terminal) were some hex text files to be used as sample data for sending, a document…

And here’s to hoping YouTube brings the old implementation back

Picture in Picture mode with YouTube

If you’re like me you might like to have a video playing in the foreground from time to time.

So if you are like me you might have searched Google on how to enable the PIP mode to realise the link from 9to5Mac was useless as it seems the option has been killed by YouTube for now. But fear not, it is quite easy to get back.

Go to the menu bar in Safari, click on Preferences.

Using and some patience

Courtesy of Thomas Martinsen (

Update: Seems Medium doesn’t allow the use of custom domains anymore for new publication for now O_O… So you’re all out of luck for now. At least this would be a reference for what was.

This type of post isn’t new, but it’s a new year and worth documenting my own insight into using Medium.

For myself I wanted to reduce the amount of time to maintain a blog, and use something that was straight to the point, and provided support for comments, social media sharing, and easy draft editing (it even has simple drag and drop support), and support…

And why one should be careful when partying alone

I went out to check T-Pain last night, by myself, I had a bit too much to drink. This landed me in a random people house, the two of them said they paid the cops 5000 MYR (about 1000 USD) to avoid me being taken to prison, and coincidentally my iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch were not to be found. Luckily they decided to let me off with my wallet (which still had all my cards) and my passport.

My night could have been worse, but I’m grateful that I’m still around to tell my story. But it would…

But here are some tips if you plan on going anyway.


This is not one of those puff pieces where the opposite is presented. It is just the plain truth on my end. The pictures I took probably say something else, but read on if you can.

It wasn’t a place I had been dreaming of visiting, it was just an instance of seeing that AirAsia (A low cost airline in the South East Asia region) was offering cheap tickets to fly and something different was beckoning my call.

Thus I travelled to Myanmar over the past weekend from…

How to get the Gboard if you’re not in the US App Store (A Visual Guide)

So Google just released an AWESOME keyboard called the Gboard, it’s pure 🔥.

Check the video to find out what it’s all about.

Unfortunately iPhone only for the time being but Google I/O might offer some surprises.

Note: Family Sharing has to be disabled and you shouldn’t have an credit left in your App Store account.

The former can be resolved by following this link.

The latter is a bit more complicated, but it involves using up your existing credit all contact Apple…


the one and only.

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