Hold Fast, We Are Brave and We have love.

Dalit Diva
Nov 9, 2016 · 3 min read

We are now facing the unimaginable. The Trump presidency has arrived and the Whitelash which has now brought racist and xenophobic rape culture into the White house brings us into a terrible unknown. If you were like me you were with loved ones who could not control the level of dread that was seeping into our bones as we watched state after state fall to Trump. I wept and could not stop shaking. There is no consoling when you can see a storm so large that has no end and there is no immediate escape.

The question for me is not about the abandonment of white working class voters, but more how could these voters be so ahistorical that they do not remember the Republicans who actually voted for globalization and the decimation of local industry. I marched against the WTO in Seattle. Through Grassroots Global Justice I spent many years talking about the problems of globalization on frontline communities. So yes, I like thousands of others took a stand when it mattered for these voters while their Republican infrastructure did not. But since these voters have thrown their backing behind Trump they invoke the storm that none of us will know right now how to weather.

And that is ok.

The unknown can bring us a terrible fear. And as compelling and all encompassing as it can feel the unknown is still simply the unknown. The darkness can be either a tomb or a womb of possibility. What we need now is to grieve. And then we must approach what comes next with non-attachment. We must create our strategy with what emerges. Clear-eyed and with purpose. And be patient with ourselves when we tremble. For without question, this is a frightening moment. We have a President now who embraces building a wall to keep out immigrants, has admitted to sexually assaulting women, and will target Muslims relentlessly. We would not be human if we were not afraid.

But courage is the ability to face the dread and not let it defeat you.

And for people of color, courage is what we have had in abundance for generations. Sadly, it was often the only thing we had. And because of this I can say that as hard as this moment is now we have definitely survived so much worse.

Settler colonialism. Slavery. and Genocide.

Think of how many of our bodies have been sacrificed to build the land that is America. It our blood which has nourished this land and our ghosts that created the capital that is shaken by the rise of Trump.

In thinking of our lineages of resistance I ask you to take time when you are ready, to draw upon the courage of all of our grandmothers and grandfathers and prepare for what comes next.

We have to hold each other close and not let go. We need a movement of movements and we need all of us-Indigneous nations, Black folks, Non Black people of color, white folks, immigrants, and citizens. We need Muslims, Atheists, Jews, Christians, and Pagans. We need Trans, Gender-non conforming, and Queer-straight alliances. We need all of us at the table and we need it now.

We must keep building our intersectional connections and not shy away from the examination of the discomfort of our privilege. For by unearthing oppression we can fight it at its systemic roots.

This was never just about getting out the vote but as Lumumba Bandele said getting out the organizing. We must be observant and hold fast. Pay attention as Adrienne Marie Brown advises us to what emerges in times of instability. And most important we must resist and we must resist together.

They may come for some of us first.

Will we stand aside or will we fight?

I say we fight.

Until every single one of us is gone only then will we be defeated. With every breath we still have hope. Our earth needs us, we need us, and we will stand together.

This is hope.

We make it with our resistance.

So I see you fam and know this hard. From everywhere you are I am everywhere with you. I hold your hand in the darkness and tell you I too cried in fear.

But I also know this:

We. Will. Survive.

Dalit Diva

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Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a transmedia artist and activist who believes story is the most important unit of social change