Getting into a professional career was overwhelming for me. Like every other person, I too had no hold over my income. I wanted my money to grow for me. As I was evaluating my options for the same, my dad told me that its the right time to look at investments.

Investment for me was always like a hassle. I looked towards it as a burden. Like, who will find a way out, where to invest, then submitting all the documents. You know how investing is!

I have heard it from my elders that you should invest for your future to be secured but never took it seriously.

But I thought it’s the time to give it a shot. I went through ETMoney in my phone and started going through all the possible funds in which I could invest. As a person who has never invested before, I found it very simple to know about the funds. Their performance, the risk associated with it, almost gained all the knowledge possible for the mutual fund as it was ready, right in from of me. It was way too simple as I expected. Those thoughts suddenly disappeared which used to stop me from investing.

I started investing and I was actually seeing my money grow every day. Getting real time updates of my investment was engaging. The money which was lying idle was now working for me.

Warren Edward Buffett, an American business magnate said wisely, “I made my first investment at age eleven. I was wasting my life up until then”

Started with a minimum amount, somewhere down the line, maybe after a few years,I see myself owning a good investment portfolio. At least, now I am sure enough that investing is not at all a bad idea.

In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money. I found both the things happening for me. My money was growing day by day and of course it was exciting to see the rise in it. Going through the NAV everyday, seeing the ups and down’s, was fun.

Finally, through my own experience I can say that anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.


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