…and this is supposed to make me less biased?
John Belville

And this is the problem. You completely discount the problems that Black people experience by saying “well all people had it bad”. You erase the uniquely designed racism that continues to pervade this country. No racism is not a two way street, racism by its very definition is a constructed system that exploits and oppresses one group over the other. Racism is not the same a racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is someone refusing to serve you because of your race. Racism is the preschool to prison system that defunds minority majority schools while spending an average of 762 dollars on their white counter parts. Racism is a white man with a prison record is more likely to get a call back for a job than a black man with no criminal record. Racism is black people serving time no matter what the offense, receive much harsher sentences than their white counterparts. White people in America do not experience racism because whether they like it or not they are a part of the oppressor class. This is the difference