You are an idiot.
Drew Tavenner

I’m sorry did I call you names? What is wrong with you?? A grammatical mess? What exactly are you talking about? I am so sorry typing this out on my phone offends you. You could have addressed all of my points with out being a complete and utter douche but good job you managed to do it.

I was not just talking about intelligence if you had properly read what I wrote. I was talking about the specific talents that women bring that men do not. Where is it I said women are more intelligent than men? I said women tested higher on problem solving skills because women tend to be more creative when solving problems. This is not an indictment on male intelligence. The women that graduated as Army Rangers, there is no female exclusive testing.

As for standards, the department of defense has required all armed services to have gender neutral standards. The Marines are the only ones who have not yet so maybe that’s why your assumption is wrong, but they will be, as per law.

As far as physical endurance, while women may fall behind in hikes, it has been shown that women tend to have a higher prolonged endurance than their male counterparts, primarily due to our higher fat ratios, and integration of muscle groups. As distance grows, women pull equal and in some instances ahead. And there is absolutely no evidence what so ever that women do not have the emotional endurance to with stand combat. PTSD effects male and female soldiers equally.

Are all women made for combat? Of course not. Neither are all men. But everyone who can meet those standards should be allowed to advance, regardless of gender.