I’m sorry that you can’t grasp simple concepts.
Rev. Fred Denial

No it is not simply for being white, it is for upholding supporting and presenting white supremacy. This is what you completely fail to understand and you would rather be defensive and complain about her method of critique than discuss the actual body of work. And pointing out something one does as a racist action is not calling a person a racist. It is calling out a pattern of racism that stems from the systemic oppression of black people. And too many white people, rather than recognize that they have racist tendencies that they must unpack like ALL people do, they deny the statement or action was racist, and then go on to defend the action. This is an experience that occurs again and again. And if anything is damaging to Black/White relations, it is this problem of denial that Black people are angry with, because it is a dismissal of the hurt that racism creates, and as it happens again and again and again, there is less tolerance for those who would rather tell us how to protest properly than actually do the work with us