I found your article to be interesting, but perhaps somehow you went off tangent from your title.

No we do not talk about slavery as an excuse for any perceived shortcomings you may think the black community holds. We talk about slavery because it is the root system that created the systemic oppression that still exist today. Our prison systems are extensions or slavery. The first police forces were created to capture “runaway slaves”. After slavery was a hundred years of Jim Crow and government sanctioned terrorism against black people through the KKK and other white supremist groups. Groups that you have emboldened by electing Donald Trump. You think black people just need to “get over it” because it is in the past. But it is not in the past it has extended through our history constantly, racism is a part of America and it always has been. India has to deal with its racism too, but that does not negate the oppression of African Americans is the US. You use it as a red herring to deflect the very real issues of racism in the US. And if you honestly think the majority of black people only talk about slavery as some sort of excuse for their poor choices then explai why so many successful black people are doing so much to raise awareness about racism. I am assuming you did not realize but this in and of itself is a racist statement. I am not calling you a racist. I am saying that the statement is an ignorant one used to simply dismiss a system that has created the situation many African Americans find themselves in. And yoy would rather blame it on the moral failings of the group because it is easier, rather than acknowledging the system exists. I am a successful black woman, i still experience racism, personal and professional. It has nothing to do with how much money i have. It is not a moral failing of mine, it is a system designed to oppress.

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