Why are women and minorities always treated as groups that should be collectively coddled?
Jim E. Rustle

Not coddled, treated with dignity and deserving of respect not because we are minorities but because we are human beings. And trust and believe no one is coddling us. Like you they continue to dismiss our pain and suffering as undeserving of a platform and anyone who allows that platform is just trying to appease some group you perceive as getting special treatment while refusing to recognize that white straight males are the ones primarily marginalizing these groups because of their monopoly on power. White males are over represented in almost all forms of power whether it be goverment, corporations, science, higher learning, the list goes on. Less than a quarter of the population in the US control the majority of the wealth in this country. We are not coddled, we are constantly fighting to demand the rights that white straight males simply take for granted.

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