Shame you used the word ‘queer’ in your blog.
Mr Robert

Queer is a word that is used by Queer people within the LGBTQ community. That is what the Q is. The sshow Queer as Folk a show about gay people, is what brought the term Queer for the alternately gendered/sexually oriented. A Queer person is someone who is not neccessarily gay but does not fit into societal labels of gay/straight/male/female. It is a perfectly acceptable term to use. Perhaps it is you who should have done the research. I find it ironic that your post is about how you believe he used the wrong term when refering the LGBTQ community, but you then turn around and used the term “coloured” which is never an acceptable way to describe people of color because of its racist connotations. I can understand how you might not know about queer, but i refuse to believe you were ignorant of the term coloured…before telling people to do researcg, yoy should take you own advice

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