> I have no standing to tell a person of colour what they should do to > survive our culture.
Luther Blissett

That is assuming straight white males have only as much standing in the US as every other marginalized group. Which they do not. White straight males enjoy privileges that many marginalized groups do not. One of them being the power to dismiss the voices of marginalizes groups through control of government, corporations, banking, real estate, medicine, venture capitalism, the list goes on. White straight males are the the demographic with the moost power, to complain about how people are treating you badly because you benefit from a system that was designed to maintain the privileges of this singular group is simply dishonest in understanding why these marginalized groups are standing up. Comparing the criticisms of marginalized groups who have suffered under white patriarchal supremacy as being the same as white males getting their feelings hurt because they don’t like the way it was said is about what a 12 year old would so. Your response completely disregards the inequality of marginalized groups under the guise of “not all white men”. It lacks any nuance or sophisticated analysis. And it is a tacit approval of maintaining the oppessive systems that keep white straight men in power and the rest struggling to be heard