I would say men yes even st8 white men have the weight if the world on their shoulders too.
Rand Hooks

White people essentially created the burden of black people. Black people did not segregate themselves, white people did that. Black people did not defund high minority schools, white people did, black people did not create laws to suppress the black vote, white people did. White men have just as much responsibility in taking down the system that was created to place them in positions of power over other marginalized groups. Women are not rhe main perpetrators of sexual assualt, men are. Women are not the ones making laws to restrict health care for women, primarily white men are. The sexual objectification that sustains a culture of misogyny and rape is not a female construct. It is a male one, and primarily geared towars white straight male fantasy, i.e. the naughty school girl. Asking men to not rape women is not placing the burdens of women on to men. It is through the perspective of white males that our society almost exclusively been built. You dismiss the fact that the system that creates the burdens on women and people of color were created by white, presumably straight (i can’t say definitively if they were all straight) men. And then you tell those marginalized groups that we shouldn’t demand the people who benefit the most from the system to do the work to break it down. Women did not invent rape, people of color did not create white supremacy and white men are not so fragile that they can’t help fix the system that is severely skewed in their favor.

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