So who decides?
Shachar Haad

Who decides is everyone around you, you are not the one who decides whether or not to hire you because you are a male or any other reason why someone might favor a male over a female. And they do not have to tell you that they have afforded you this privilege. In many instances it is subconscious much like racial implicit bias.

I did not reject the notion that as a female I receive certain privileges as well. For instance, I am more less likely to have to pay child support because i am more likely in a divorce to get the kids. Though i do pay child support and my children live with their father. And as I learn more about them I try to use my privileges to make the world a better place. You are the one who rejected your privilege. And what in my statement makes you think I only care about high paying jobs? Women make up most of the low paid workers in the workforce and I absolutely advocate for them as well…as if sexism only happens in an office….and yes women are a marginalized group, as far as representation within the power structure we are far behind those of our male counterparts-from state and local legislatures, to CEOs women are vastly underrepresented. It is 2016 and there are only 20 women in the US Senate. Without equal representation laws have been passed or repressed to severely hinder and hurt us from abortion ban bills to violence against women, and equal pay.

As for teaching being a primarily female dominated profession it just might have something to do with the patriarchical idea that Women should take care of children and not men. And being that I actually AM a teacher and am working on my master’s in education, the basis of my thesis is the effects of gendered education, please explain by what you mean The boys are supposed to follow the girls’ lead. And yes, I do care that boys be called on as much as girls which is why I go out of my way to ensure that each of my students gets as much attention as they need. Funny thing is I usually end up spending more time working with the boys than girls. So I guess indon’t fit your narrative. And your trend of females getting more attention tends to falter when we are talking about the sciences, technology and engineering. These tend to be educational fields dominated by men. Science teachers in high school tend to be men and give more attention to the boys than their female counterparts. Girls are generally discouraged from studying these areas. My mother could tell you about the sexism she faced when studying for her master ’s in )microbology.a Does any of that concern you?

Women are not asking for society to bend to our sensibilities. We are showing that the “requirements” are flawed because many of those requirements did not account for female workers. Paid family leave is not female sensibilities, not having to pay sales tax on tampons is not about female sensibilities. Not getting sexually harassed at work is not about female sensibilities. It is about viewing and seeing women as whole persons who are capable of all manner of things, the same as men. Feminism does not seek to bring men down but To elevate the feminine to be just as important as the masculine.

Your body being attractive is not the point, your body being male is. Because it is male you generally do not have to contend with random men grabbing you as it happens to me and every other woman I have known. If you like I can give you 5 examples within the last 3 months of men grabbing me without my permission. If you want you can call me a liar, but before you do check out #yesallwomen. Or just talk to the women in your life and ask them to describe a time when a man threatened their body. And if personal experiences aren’t enough then I direct you to the Stop Street Harrasment study which conducted a nationwide survey of males and females encounters with street harrasment. 41% of women in the survey said they experienced physical aggression when facing harassment on the street where as only 16 % of men did. As well as 23% of women who said they were touched or brushed up against as opposed to 8% of men. And the greatest perpetrators of these types of sexualized harassment is by men. Now tell me, if one out of four to five people had contracted Ebola, would that be epidemic?