You fall under the delusion that women are weak, incapable of advancing on their own merit, and…
Shachar Haad

Yes you have been given plenty for being a man, just because no one came up to you and said,” hey buddy this chick is better qualified but she’s such a bitch, dude you got the job, bros for life!!” Does not mean that you have not been the recipient. You don’t decide whether or not you receive privilege. Others who look like you do. It is also your privilege to believe that everyone should step up and be a like a man, when the standards that have been set were never meant to include certain marginalized groups. The main thing as a man you are given is the benefit of the doubt. When you go to the mechanic to fix your car they probably don’t call you sweetie and tell you in a codescending tone how i probably didn’t know what i was talking about and he would check to find out the real problem. I doubt you have to deal with random men grabbing you because they think they have a right to my body. These are privileges that are afforded to you because you are male and i am sure these are things you take for granted as a male because you expect to not be sexually violated, or your mechanical expertise questioned by a man simply because you are a man.

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