“She only addresses white people?”
Rev. Fred Denial

Your resentment is the problem not the message. She is not racist toward whites she is calling out a group of writers who are doing damage by writing about something they do not understand. Too many well intentioned white people use their voices to deligitmize the very real issues that black Americans face and then give legitimacy to white supremacy as simply an “alternative point of view”. It is not black people’s job to make you feel better about white supremacy. It is our job at every turn to point it out dismantle it and tear it apart. And we will not do it politely. How polite would you be to a person who thought their hurt feelings were more necessary to address than the worth of your life? Why you would expect black people to be polite in their protest of oppression which is literally killing them in myriad ways makes utterly no sense what so ever. Which shows you do not understand systemic oppression at all.