dallas clayton
Sep 2, 2014 · 2 min read

It’s more fun to be “us”

and to say “fuck them.”

Sing it out

at the top of our lungs

shoulder to shoulder in brotherly revelry,

or as a default when shaking our fists

at nights gone off track

when we’re lost alone in the dark.

It’s easier, and quicker,

and reminds us of many of our heroes

before they grayed with age

or were loosened by new experience.


when they were at their most polarizing,

most enigmatic, most photogenic,

climbed atop some sort of platform

and said “We are us…and fuck them.”

and meant it.

But that’s not the whole of the story,

for most of those everyone’s

if they lived long enough,

or saw enough of the world,

eventually came back around

and in a lighter, more well-thought,

and often more eloquent way

tried to let the world know

that there was no such thing

as an “us” or a “them.”

and that the heavy strokes

and dark lines of definition

eventually give way

to all sorts of tones you might only see or hear

if you are willing enough

to look and listen.

But by then, much of the spotlight had diminished

and the sex appeal

had been lost

to the decades of hard living

it had taken for someone so fiery

to ever understand such common idea.

And with each new generation

finding themselves at a teenage crossroads

those uncommon images frozen in time

that never tell the entire story

but simply serve as a wonderful

opening line by which

to charge head on into

the great unknown

are the images that will

forever say “We are us”

and “Fuck them.”

And so it goes.

    dallas clayton

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    I write kids books and travel the world reading them and having adventures. Instagram = dallasclayton . Let's be friends!