03: Your Strengths Are Made To Be Given Away

By Dallas Cowan // originally posted on my personal blog #dailydc

My former boss, Steven Siwek, asked all of his employees to take a strength finders test when they first started working. He would do this in order better understand how we would all react in different situations. One morning at a team meeting Steven said,

“Your strengths are made to be given away.”

The statement stayed with me because of two things:

  1. I focus on building up my weakness rather than work on improving the God-given talent I have.
  2. My strengths are not for my own gain, but to be given away to others.

No matter what role you are in at your job, your purpose should be to help others. If it is not then you may want to do a purpose-of-life check.

I would highly recommend you find out what your strengths are for the purpose of building off of them. I list mine in the previous post.

Here are some great resources that I have used:


The Muse

The Hedgehog Principle

Know your weaknesses, give away your strengths.