04: Work On A Skill You Can Bring To The Table

By Dallas Cowan // originally posted on my personal blog #dailydc

Note: when I write these post I am writing to myself. I am sharing with you what I am working on and processing.

Passion is a great attribute to have. It can help drive you through hard situations. I have unfortunately learned that passion does not sustain ideas. Skill does.

There are many good ideas in the world today. Walk into a college classroom or local coffee shop and you will find five or more people with an idea. they are most likely more than willing to share it with you as well. I am that guy. My wife calls me an idea farmer because I have so many.

The problem that I have is I will 1. see an opportunity 2. confirm the idea by sharing it with others 3. write it down 4. build a business plan around why it should exist 5. leave it. Why? Because I do not have the skills to be able to execute on the idea.

Why is this lesson important? I have learned even though I do not need all the skills to execute on an idea, I need to have a skill that I can bring to the table.

Even the greats early on had skills to bring to the table.

Steve Jobs was a salesman.

Bill Gates was a coder.

Mark Zuckerberg was a coder.

They have talents and skills to contribute to the conversation. Some of my favorite people to follow have honed their craft to give to meaningful projects.

Here are a few:

Jeremy Cowart — Purpose Hotel

Scott Harrison — Charity Water

I am working on my skills to help others. I want to work on them with excellence. God calls us to do work with excellence.