06: Sitting at 201 W Jefferson St.

By Dallas Cowan // originally posted on my personal blog #dailydc

I spent this morning at 201 W Jefferson St, courtroom 3. I was there to support one of our foster girls. She was there to testify against her dad.

We got to court around 8:30 am and she did not testify until after 11:45 am. It was a long morning. In the courtroom, there is a “holding tank” where the inmates are sitting facing the judge. The “holding tank” is encased in glass and from where I was sitting I could easily see in. As we waited, I sat and heard over 20 cases and the conviction of judge that followed. The faces of the men and woman that sat in the tank are still etched in my mind. Sadness is not the work to describe their facial expression. Brokeness maybe.

Growing up I never went to court. Before this last year, the closest time I had been to court was for one of my parents speeding tickets. I don’t think they even do that now.

As I sat in the courtroom, all I can think about is how this is a different world. I felt hurt for our foster girl and how she had to grow up with this as her normal. I also realized that this girl is so brave and had to grow up way to fast. For so many kids in the foster world being in court is just a way of life.

I am thankful for the love of how I was raised. And sitting in that courtroom was uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable because of all the hurt and brokenness in the room that I had never experienced. Even through my uncomfortableness, I wanted to give every one of those inmates a hug and let them know that Jesus loves them.

Hope and joy should be flowing through your life if you follow Jesus. Find broken people and give them hope and joy. If you don’t know anyone who needs it I know a place:

201 W Jefferson St, courtroom 3.