Happy Story: Talking Normal

I share rants, thoughts, and stories. I tend to focus on what is wrong and how to fix it. Today, I will share a happy story.

One of our girls was born with a speech impediment. She has had it from a birth. It is from having a clef lip. Over the last few weeks, she has diligently been going to speech therapy. She works extremely hard and has started to get a little better but with not much improvement.

At this last appointment, the speech therapist told our girl that they did some tests and found out she could have surgery to fix an air hole so she can sound normal. Her reaction was full of tears. At first, I could not tell if they were scared tears, happy tears, or sad ones. I think they were a mixture of all of them.

After the appointment, as we were walking to the car our girl grabbed me and started sobbing. Again, I did not know what kind of tears these were. Through the tears I heard, “I get to talk normal”. I asked, “Are you excited about that?”. She gently moved her head up and down.

The moment was so pure. A child was so excited to receive the gift of not thinking of what new people will say to her after they hear her talk. We can say to her, “don’t care what others think” but it does not take away the pain.

I am so thankful for the doctor, speech therapist, and state system that will help our little girl talk normal.

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