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A lot of unsourced rumor mongering. Apparently, “Russia hacked the election” is now the go to excuse for establishment candidates when they lose or when they’re afraid they’re about to. It allows them to smear their opponents as being agents of a foreign power and to paint themselves as victims.

“Bots” had nothing to do with the whole “Pizzagate” fad. Here’s an account of what happened:

Stanford researchers have concluded that online “fake news” had almost no effect on the US election:

“ As one benchmark, Spenkuch and Toniatti (2016) show that exposing voters to one additional television campaign ad changes vote shares by approximately 0.02 percentage points. This suggests that if one fake news article were about as persuasive as one TV campaign ad, the fake news in our database would have changed vote shares by an amount on the order of hundredths of a percentage point. This is much smaller than Trump’s margin of victory in the pivotal states on which the outcome depended.”

The new McCarthyism coming from the Clinton revisionists endangers our relationship with Russia and ultimately increases the risk that we will get pushed into war by excuse mongers.

Democrats and liberals need to get back into the real world. There is a reason that Clinton lost the Rust Belt, and it wasn’t Russian bots.

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