And this is what happens when stupidity believes fake news.
Gerald Malley

Actually, Jones was not a major instigator of “Pizzagate.” His InfoWars reported on the allegations. The conspiracy theory originated on 4chan shortly after the release of the Podesta emails. Among those emails were a number of weird missives centered around pizza, pizza parties, etc.

Somebody on 4chan noted that pedophiles used the abbreviation c.p. to mean “child porn,” and that possibly c.p. was further disguised by expanding it to “cheeze pizza.” From there, the internet produced all kinds of “pedophile” meanings for pizza related terms.

The internet folks who glommed on to the “scandal” described themselves as researchers and investigators. Which allowed bloggers to refer to “research findings,” and what “investigations” revealed.

This is a fascinating social phenomenon. It will make some psychology or sociology grad student a fine thesis some day.

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