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Andrew Jackson is the founder of the modern Democratic Party. The annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner is a major event and fund raising opportunity for Democrats to this day.

It is bizarre that a Democratic publication is railing against President Jackson simply because a modern Republican has spoken favorably about him.

Although the 1838–1839 “Trail of Tears” is often blamed on Jackson, Jackson left office in March, 1837.

Although, as a general, Jackson did engage in Indian wars, during which he secured millions of acres for the US, it is an overstatement to accuse him of genocide. There is no reason to believe that he wished the extermination of the Indians.

The Nullification Crisis of 1832 (during which S. Carolina threatened to secede from the Union over tariffs) was resolved when President Jackson threatened military force against S. Carolina. Perhaps President Trump thought that Jackson’s firm approach would have been superior to Lincoln’s earlier conciliatory messaging to the Southerners, who probably interpreted it as weakness.

As for the cause of the Civil War — Not slavery per se, as slavery itself was not at risk at the time. Rather, the chief grievance was lack of Northern compliance with the Fugitive Slave Act and the establishment of “free states” in the new territories.

But in the event, the South had a strong legal case for the right of secession. They probably could have seceded successfully had not S. Carolina attacked a federal fort, which gave Lincoln a casus belli.

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